HTC – The Pride of Taiwan

Leaders in Smart Phone Technology

HTC Corporation is the leading vendor for the operator-branded devices in the world. HTC’s headquarters are in Taiwan. HTC was founded by Taiwanese entrepreneur Cher Wang (Wang Hsiueh-Hong) in 1997.

She is not only the founder of HTC Corporation but also of VIA Technologies. Cher Wang’s dream is to be number one in this field and she has been very successful so far in working towards that dream.

Richest Woman in Taiwan

Cher Wang is the daughter of one of Taiwan’s richest men – petrochemicals billionaire Wang Yung-Ching. Her father founded the huge Taiwanese conglomerate Formosa Plastics Group.

Cher Wang has now very recently become Taiwan’s richest person according to Forbes Magazine’s billionaire list. She replaces Terry Gou who is the chairman of Foxconn Technology Group.

Forbes ranked Wang and her husband (president & CEO of VIA Tech.) as Taiwan’s richest couple. They have a combined wealth of US$6.3 billion. Worldwide, they rank 143rd.

Building Strong Relationships

The key to success of any emerging company lies in its relations with other companies of the world. HTC Taiwan has done this beautifully and they have forged alliances with all of the top leading companies in this field.

They have forged alliances with 5 companies in Europe, 4 such as T-Mobile, in USA such as Microsoft and numerous Asian companies as well.

Marketing & Latest Product Line

HTC used to work with the world’s best OEM marketing company and marketing their products successfully across the world. The company has produced hundreds of products and every product is a master piece in the latest possible technology.

The latest product series is the HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch Cruise and Touch Dual. All of their products use a touch screen interface.

An Addiction?

There is a saying about HTC smart phones that once you use it once, you cannot stop using one, becoming an addiction. Smart phones use flawless and the most advanced technology so; it is easy to see why HTC phones are becoming increasingly popular.

There are mainly 4 categories that HTC Corporation has introduced in the market:

• Touch phones


Smart phones

• The Mobile Computer

Best Performing Technology Company in Asia

Business Week ranked HTC as number 3 in its listing in 2006 and number 2 in 2007 and they retain the award of “Best Performing Technological Company in Asia“.

HTC is reputed highly because there are many milestones in technological development which this company has introduced to the world and here are a few of those:

• In 1999 HTC introduced first color palm sized PC

• In 2000 HTC introduces first Microsoft pocket PC

• In 2002 HTC introduced first Microsoft smartphone

• In 2005 HTC introduced Microsoft 3G phone with huge 2.8″ TFT screen

• In 2007 HTC introduced first intuitive touch screen with technology for fingertips

Taiwan Quality

HTC provides quality and providing you with the fastest and latest hardware possible. There are many manufacturers which make similar products but HTC is best in what it does.

Although Wang does not take part in the day to day running of the company, she is still active through negotiation and meeting clients. Thus still remaining a large influence in HTC’s style and direction.

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