Kindness Hotel Jian Quo

Kindness Hotel Jian Quo, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Reception - Kindness Hotel Jian Quo

4 Star Hotels KaohsiungCheck Rates at the Kindness Hotel Jian uo Kaohsiung

About the Kindness Hotel Jian Quo

The Kindness Hotel Jian Quo offers guests a comfortable and relaxing stay. A 4-star hotel which provides excellent amenities such as air-conditioning, hair dryer, television, ironing board and non-smoking rooms. Bicycle rental is also available. There is a popular hotel. A car park is available on-site.

The Kindness Hotel Jian Quo is located near to the Martial Arts Stadium MRT Station Kaohsiung City (O9).

Useful Information

  • Bicycle Rental is Available
  • Car Park is Available On-Site
  • Nearest Metro Station: Martial Arts Stadium (O9)

Nearby Hotels:

Nearby Attractions:

  • Cultural Centre
  • Fongshan

Address: 57 Jianguo 1st Rd., Lingya District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 802

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