202 Backpackers Hostel

Hostel, apartments and studios available for reasonable rates.

Website: Kaohsiung 202 – Backpackers Hostel

Address: 202 Gwang-Fu 3rd Street, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Tel: 221-9785  / 0938-02-03-04

Email: 202@kaohsiung-taiwan.com (Martin)

5 thoughts on “202 Backpackers Hostel

  1. I stayed in one of Kaohsiung 202’s studios.
    And being on right on the river front was a very good deal.
    The main hostel is quite relaxing with a garden out front – hard to find these days


  2. i would like to know more about your hostel and also the price.i really apprieciate if you could reply to me immediate effect….i been going there somewhere on july 7,2011 kindly please let reply,thanks& regards!!!

  3. really bad place to find. No one there when you try to check in…

    old and dirty house..and compare with the next door.I prefer that place.

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