Hengchun – A Taste of True Taiwan

Pingtung County’s Hengchun Famous Snacks

You can find many different snacks and interesting foods to try in Hengchun, Taiwan. Hengchun is famous for it’s hot springs and warm climate. It is an interesting city with a lot of history and culture attached to it. It is definitely worth a day trip, especially if you are on your way to Kenting.

Here are some of the unique, interesting & famous snacks and foods to try when you are in Hengchun:

Famous Beef Noodles

100 Year Old Beef Noodle Shop, Old Town of Hengchun

100 year old Beef Noodle Shop, Hengchun
100 Years Beef Noodle Shop

This beef noodle shop is famous in Hengchun as it has been family run for over 100 years. The noodles here cost NT$80 for a small bowl. The flavour of the soup is delicious and the noodles are soft. Overall, it could probably do with some more beef.

Inside is clean and has comfortable seating. A great place for a quick and cheap snack.

Famous Beef Noodle, Hengchun Ancient City
Famous Beef Noodles

Famous Onions in Hengchun

Onions in Hengchun, Pingtung County
Famous Onions in Hengchun

In Hengchun, you will see many onion stalls. Hengchun is famous for its sweet and tasty onions. It is a staple food for the Taiwanese living here. Stalls sell huge bags of onions throughout Henghcun Township.

Peak seasons for selling onions are in March and April. Hengchun has an ideal climate for growing onions as the peninsula is very windy which is great for growing onion crops. Hence, there are many onion farms all around Checheng and Hengchun.

Taiwanese people in Hengchun regard onions as a staple food of their diet. They believe that onions prevent sickness and strengthens the body.

Red Bean Shaved Ice

Red Bean Dessert, Hengchun
Hot Red Bean Dessert, Hengchun

Red Bean Shaved Ice is a popular local dish. You can enjoy it cold with ice or hot. It is a specialty in Hengchun and there are many stalls selling this dish.

It consists of cooked sweet red and green beans, tapioca noodles in a sticky sauce. The cold version is topped with a bed of shaved ice. It is very sweet.

Shaved Ice Hengchun, Pingtung County, Taiwan
Red Bean Shaved Ice in Hengchun

The picture above shows the hot red bean dessert on the left and the shaved ice version on the right. A bowl costs NT$35.

Ling Jiao (Water Chestnuts)

Lingjiao Water Chestnuts, Henghun, Taiwan
"Ling Jiao" Water Chestnuts shaped like bats

On the road to Kenting you will notice many stalls selling “Ling Jiao“, which are a type of water chestnut. They are very interesting looking and are worth a try. The skin is black and they are shaped like a bat. They are very tasty.

A bag will cost you NT$100.

Baozi (Steamed Buns)

Baozi, Steamed Buns in Hengchun Taiwan
"Baozi" Tasty Taiwan Snack

Another tasty snack that you will find in Hengchun are “Baozi” or Steamed buns. ¬†They are filled with meat and vegetables and steamed. One bun will cost between NT$30-NT$40 depending on what filling you choose. There is normally a vegetarian choice too.

“Pidan Eggs” or “Thousand-Year Eggs”

Pidan Eggs, Red Yolk Duck Eggs, Hengchun, Pingtung County Taiwan
Egg Stall in Hengchun

Pidan Eggs are made by preserving the egg in clay, ash, salt, lime and rice hulls for a few weeks or months. During this preserving process, the yolk turns into a dark green colour. The eggs are sometimes called “Smelly Eggs“. They produce a smell of sulfur and ammonia. They are a unique taste and an interesting snack to try.

Pidan Eggs. Hengchun
"Pidan Eggs" or "Thousand-Year Eggs", Hengchun

“Red Yolk Duck Eggs” or “Hot Spring Duck Eggs”

Red Yolk Duck Eggs (Hot Spring Duck Eggs) are a very famous food in Sihchong Creek, Hengchun. The ducks here are fed shrimps and shells in a pollution free environment and left to roam freely.

The sand, stones and grass that the ducks ingests turn the yolk of the egg into a reddish colour. The locals use the water from the hot springs to produce a very unique tasting egg. The ducks are fed hay grass which prevent the eggs from having a strong odor compared with Pidan eggs.

8 Red Yolk Duck Eggs cost only NT$50.

Taiwan Fruits

When your in Hengchun, there are many interesting fruits to try.

Buddha’s Head Fruit

Buddha's Head Fruit, Hengchun Pingtung County, Taiwan's Fruit
Buddha's Head Fruit, Taiwan

Wax Apples

Wax Apples, Taiwan Fruit
Wax Apples in HengchunMany Coconuts in Hengchun

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