Touring Kaohsiung County – Cishan Hakka Village

The Hakka Village in Cishan is a worthwhile visit if your planning a day tour around Kaohsiung County. The village was completely destroyed in Typhoon Morakot in 2009. Many of the Hakka people were killed. Now a year later, the village has been newly rebuilt by the Buddhist community.

In the village, the Hakka people have set up stalls selling all kinds of traditional local foods and arts and crafts. A famous food called “Taro” is very popular with the Hakka people. It tastes a bit like sweet potato and is very tasty as a snack. It has a thick skin which is peeled and then eaten.

Cishan Old Street, Cishan Sugar Refinery and the Wudu Confucius Temple are all interesting places to visit in Cishan.

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