Christmas in Taiwan

Is Christmas Celebrated in Taiwan?

Christmas is not officially celebrated in Taiwan. However, it is a coincidence that on 25th December 1947, the signing of the Constitution of the Republic of China took place.

Therefore, 25th December used to be an unofficial holiday in Taiwan. Nowadays, Christmas is celebrated by some people in Taiwan but it is not recognised as an official holiday.

Christmas in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

It is surprising to see in Kaohsiung that outside many apartment buildings, department stores and shops have put up a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations.   It is very beautiful especially with all the Christmas lights lit up at night.

In Kaohsiung, the majority of Taiwanese are Buddhist. The number of Christians and Catholics in Kaohsiung is increasing. They will celebrate Christmas in the normal way by putting up decorations, giving presents and eating turkey.

It is good to know that all shops in Kaohsiung such as 7-11 or Hanshin Department Store will be open over the Christmas period. As it is not officially celebrated or recognised as a holiday, everything will run and open as usual.

Many Western restaurants, hotels and pubs in Kaohsiung will be serving a traditional Christmas Dinner. General Panchos will be serving a Christmas turkey dinner for NT$350.

Bars and Pubs in Kaohsiung

Hotels in Kaohsiung

About Christmas

Christmas is generally about celebrating the birth of Jesus. The actual birth date of Jesus is not actually known. For Christianity, Christmas is the beginning of the Christmastide season which is over twelve days.

These days, although Christmas is largely a Christian holiday, Christmas is now celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians.

Nowadays, the Christmas period or festival has become a key role in increased economic activity. Retailers and businesses in many parts of the world can experience a growth in sales.

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