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Kaohsiung Design Festival 2010

The Kaohsiung Design Festival 2010 will have Taiwanese designers and designers from all over the world exhibit or lecture here. The event will be held at the Pier-2 Art Centre (Main Exhibition Hall) and will be ongoing for two months. The designers aim to show the unlimited possibilities of our life carried out by design. If your an art enthusiast or have a passion for something cultural and different then the Kaohsiung Design Festival will be for you.

Date: 1st October until 28th November 2010

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TLI Institute Kaohsiung – Chinese for Everyday Life

The Taipei language Institute Kaohsiung (TLI) is one of the best places in Kaohsiung to learn Mandarin. It comes highly recommended by many foreigners living in Kaohsiung because of the high standard of tuition, flexibility, and excellent customer service.

The TLI Kaohsiung have just announced a special short course “Chinese for Everyday” starting September 2010.

Learn Chinese that you need for every day life. Give yourself 39 hours to forget your NATIVE TONGUE and learn survival Chinese. Daily conversation, greetings, shopping, making phone calls, dining out etc…”

Duration of the course: September 5th 2010 – November 28th 2010

Class time: Sun., 09:00 am – 12:00 am or 13:00 – 15:50

Fee: NT$5000 (material and registration fee is not included)

* The class can start easily with just 3 people signing up

Contact The TLI Institute Kaohsiung:

TLI Kaohsiung Official Website

2F, No. 507 Jhong Shan 2nd Road., Kaohsiung Taiwan    (Also spelt Zhong Shan 2nd Road and Chung Shan 2nd Road)

(07) 251 3638/215-2965

Links: More information on studying Mandarin Chinese and the TLI institute

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Kurt Wenner Demo in Kaohsiung, pier 2 Art Centre

Kurt Wenner the internationally famous 3D  street painter and architect has an exhibition and demonstration at the funky Modern Art District, The Pier 2 Art Centre.   It’s an exciting and bustling time down at the Wharf as young art lovers and tourists flock to see Kurt’s work among the other exhibitions and museums packed into the district.

It’s a great day out down at pier 2, and it can be easily reached by bicycle, motorbike, or on the metro.

See more about the exhibition – Click Here