Taichung Taiwan

Lillies in Taichung Taiwan
Beautiful Lillies Taichung

About Taichung

Taichung meaning Central Taiwan, is the third largest city in Taiwan. It has a population just over 1 million.

Taichung is easily accessible. On the Taiwan High Speed Rail it is only 1 hour to Taipei or Kaohsiung.

The city is an attractive place to live and has a beautiful and mild climate all year round.

Due to it’s excellent location within Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake, the Central Mountain Range and Miaoli County are all easy to reach.

Things to See in Taichung

Taichung Metropolitan Park

This Park sits on top of Dadu Mountain . It is a total of 88 hectares over the Xitun District in Taichung City and Shalu Town in Taichung County. It is a habitat for wild animals and plants.

National Museum of Natural Science

The National Museum of Natural Science was the first museum in Taiwan to completely dedicate itself to science education. Inside there are five exhibition halls. You can also see a lovely botanical garden that collects about 800 kinds of plants.

Wanhe Temple

Wanhe Temple is a famous place to visit in Taichung. It dates back to the Qing dynasty. It is the oldest temple in Taichung. The temple dedicates itself to the worship of Goddess Mazu. It is located in the modern district of Nantun.

Art Museum Parkway

The Art Museum of Taichung is a place which is calm and peaceful. There are about 40 stores such as exotic restaurants, shops selling international boutiques, clothing and art galleries.

Hotels in Taichung

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