East Gate, Hsinchu
East Gate, Hsinchu

About Hsinchu

Hsinchu is located in the northwest of Taiwan. It has a population of 502,000. Hsinchu is considered to be the oldest city in north Taiwan. It lies 80 kilometres south of Taipei.

During Japanese occupation (1895 – 1945), Hsinchu was the main administrative centre between Taipei and Taichung.

Hsinchu has a beautiful coastline which is 17 kilometres long with a bicycle path all the way along it.

Hsinchu County is a great place to explore mountain areas. Hsinchu is quite often referred to as the “Windy City of Taiwan“. This is because there are constant gusts of wind going in and out of the city from the Taiwan Strait.

This does keep the city pollution free and creates a cool breeze throughout the city.

Hsinchu has  a lot to offer tourists. Parks and historical sites are popular.

Things to see and do in Hsinchu

The East Gate

A granite structure constructed during the 1820s. It is the only remains of when Hsinchu was a walled city.

Romantic Grassland

19 hectares of grassland make this a perfect area for walking and relaxing. Located next to the Livestock Research Institute. The area has forests and beautiful views. You can also experience the natural wildlife.

Hsinchu Railway Station

This was built in 1913 and is an interesting building. It is an example of Japanese colonial architecture. A great place to take photographs.

Eighteen Peaks Mountain

Eighteen Peaks Mountain is great for hiking and is popular with tourists. You can get beautiful panoramic views over Hsinchu city. To get to the foot of the mountain, it requires a drive from Guang Fu Road to Baoshan Road.

Hsinchu Botanical Garden

The Hsinchu Botanical Garden is also perfect for hiking or walks. Here you can see about 300 types of indigenous plants. Some of which can only be seen in Taiwan.

City God Temple

An historical site which is popular with many tourists. It is an interesting landmark because of the distinctive arched entrance. It was built in 1748 and is a Taoist temple. The City God Temple is on Zhongshan Road and Dongmen Street.

Hotels in Hsinchu

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