Alishan National Park

Alishan National Park, Chaiyi County, Taiwan - Old Trees
Old Trees at Alishan National Park

Alishan National Scenic Area

The Alishan National Scenic Area is a is a beautiful mountain resort that is located in Chaiyi County, Taiwan. Alishan is Taiwan’s most visited National Park.

There are many activities and sights that you can enjoy in Alishan such as the refreshing waterfalls, the high altitude plantations, the hiking trails and the Alishan Forest Railway.

The area is very popular with local Taiwanese and many tourists. Alishan is famous for it’s high mountain tea and wasabi products such as wasabi salt.

Alishan Tsou Tribe & Folk Song

There is a famous Alishan folk song called “The Girls of Alishan“. The lyrics are about the beautiful girls of the Taiwanese Tsou aboriginal tribe. The Tsou tribe were the first to settle in to the mountains of Alishan. You can still see the Tsou tribe and experience the true culture.

Five Wonders of Alishan

There is an abundance of natural beauty at Alishan. There are “Five Wonders of Alishan” that you can enjoy; 1. The Sunrise, 2. The Sea of Clouds, 3. The Sunset, 4. The Forest, 5. The Alishan Forest Railway. There are endless amounts of wildlife and plant life to see at Alishan.

Alishan Scenery, Chaiyi County, Taiwan
Beautiful Scenery at Alishan

Alishan Attractions

Flower Season – Spring Cherry Blossoms

Alishan’s beautiful scenery is amazing and possesses rich forestry and tropical plant life. The flower season in Alishan is not to be missed. Many different species of cherry blossoms can be seen. The best time to see this is mid March to mid April.

Alishan Cherry Blossoms, Chaiyi County, Taiwan
Cherry Blossom Season in Alishan

Bird Watching – Lingyin Trail

Alishan is known as one of Taiwan’s top 10 bird watching venues. On the Linyin Trail, you can enjoy seeing the different species of birds and Sisters Pond. Another attraction of this area are the trunks of thousand year old trees.

Alishan Forest Railway

The Alishan Forest Railway is an unforgettable experience. It is actually one of the only three remaining alpine railways in the world. The Japanese first built the railway so they could carry lumber from the forests.

Alishan Forest Railway Train, Chaiyi County, Taiwan
Alishan Railway Train

The Alishan Railway ascends into the mountains at a height above sea level (over 2,000 metres). The mountain is very steep so the train has to zig zag upwards. This makes the journey interesting.

It is useful to know that the train is only scheduled once a day during the week and twice a day during the weekend and holidays.

Fenqihu – Natural Scenery

Fenqihu Station is about half way up the Alishan Forest Railway. Located nearby is an old street where there are stalls selling very famous local snacks such as Train Cakes and the Fenqihu Bento Lunch Box.

The beautiful waterfalls and lovely refreshing streams are calming and peaceful. At Fenqihu you can try many different mountain vegetables such as bamboo shoots. The area is easy to explore and gives a feeling of freedom.

Alishan’s Climate

Average temperatures:

Low elevations: 24 °C in the summer, 16°C in the winter.

Medium elevations: 19 °C in the summer, 12°C in the winter.

High elevations: 14 °C in the summer, 5°C in the winter.

Useful Tips

  • A good time to visit Alishan is in the summer. The weather is cool here at this time so it is a popular time to visit.
  • During the Chinese New Year period, Alishan is especially busy with many of the Taiwanese, so it is better to avoid this time if you prefer a more peaceful experience.
  • It would be easy to spend 2 days enjoying Alishan.
  • Bring warm clothes as the weather is easily changeable as you go higher up the mountain and at night.

How to get to Alishan from Kaohsiung

The High Speed Rail (THSR):

  • Take the THSR from Zuoying Train Station (R16 Stop on the MRT) to Chiayi Station. Transfer to the Train.

Alishan Forest Railway:

Take a train to Chiayi Railway Station, continue by Alishan Forest Railway to Alishan.

By Bus from Taipei:

1. Take a train to Taipei Railway Station, continue by Kuo-kuang Bus to Alishan.

2. Take a train to Chiayi Railway Station, continue by Chiayi County Bus to Alishan.

Address: No.3-16, Chukou Village, Fanlu Township , Chiayi County, Taiwan

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