Beautiful Flowers of Taiwan

Orchids grown in Taiwan won a silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in London. The Chelsea Flower Show took place this year on May 25-29 2010. Over 600 florists and horticulturists took part in the Show. The event attracted over a hundred thousand visitors. It was said that Queen Elizabeth commented on the delicacy of Taiwanese Orchids.

It is surprising to know that Taiwan is the world’s largest exporter of orchids. Taiwan exported an amazing US$ 62.6 million in 2009. The orchid industry has been labelled the “Golden Flower Industry”.

Flowers in Taiwan are seen everywhere and are very beautiful. The Government in Kaohsiung seems to take special care with the flowers especially in parks.

The blooming period in Taiwan is quite long as they have an excellent topography and climate for growing flowers. Some of the flowers that you may also see are Chrysanthemums, butterfly orchids and white lilies.

One species of flowers called the anthurium, also called the Flamingo Flower, has been grown in Taiwan for over 30 years, over 10 million of these flowers are exported to Japan every year. This is due to the top Taiwan quality.

The International Flora Expo is being hosted in Taipei. The flower exhibition started this month and will continue until April 2011. There are said to be outstanding flowers in beautiful surroundings.

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Flowerbeds in Kaohsiung
Flowers in Aozihdi Park, Kaohsiung

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